Exhibits Profile

Compressed Air Technology

  • Accessories and components for compressors and compressed air technology
  • Application-related compressors
  • Compressed air processing plants
  • Compressors for compressed air generation (according to type)
  • Energy-efficient compressed air technology, compressed air distribution systems, compressors and control systems
  • Gas compressors for industrial gases
  • Other compressed air equipment and compressed air systems
  • Pneumatic brakes and brake systems
  • Pneumatic tools, equipment and accessories
  • Systems for compressed air storage and distribution

Services for the Field of Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology.

  • Services for the field of vacuum technology
  • Services in the field of compressed air technology

Vacuum Technology

  • Systems and components for/involving vacuum
  • Vacuum feed-throughs
  • Vacuum fittings, vacuum seals, vacuum valves & accessories
  • Vacuum leak detectors
  • Vacuum measuring devices
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum tanks
  • Vacuum technology applications, solutions